Sprawl's International Festival of Collaborations

6 Jun 2007
6 Jun 2007
  • Bimhuis
  • Piet Heinkade 3, 1019 BR Amsterdam

Thomas Köner vs Max Eastley
Iris Garrelfs vs Si-cut.db
dj sniff vs Keir Neuringer

STEIM's artistic co-director dj sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit) and Keir Neuringer will perform at this collaborative event in the Bimhuis. dj sniff and Keir Neuringer share a passion for expanding their respective instruments beyond cultural preconceptions and musical conventions. Since they met in 2005 they have played together in various constellations with other musicians---and have curated each other's work---but this is their first appearance as a duo.

For its 4th installment, Interplay is heading outward, presenting 4 shows in 4 cities, Amsterdam, Bristol, Dublin and London. In Amsterdam, Interplay will take place at the Bimhuis, on June 6 2007, in collaboration with STEIM. Catch media artist and Porter Ricks member Thomas Köner in partnership with the eminent kinetic sound sculptor Max Eastley; digital dub meister si-cut.db with improvising glitch-tech experimentalist Iris Garrelfs; turntablist dj Sniff with Keir Neuringer playing saxophone and dictaphone. There also will be a selection of sound related film and video works.

The previous three festivals in London, UK have featured a cluster of stars from the electronic and digital frontiers, uncovering new relationships as well as established clashes of style and technique, from novel instrumental approaches to twisted technology.

More than anything, Interplay is about collaborations, collaborations between artists, between genres and media, and organizations. Always with the idea that unlikely - like - minds meet each other and establish lasting relationships. That one artist?s following will be intrigued by other offerings. And last but not least that we continue to offer a window into front-line experiences.