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I'm an artist, illustrator and designer.

I’m an illustrator, artist and designer.

My sphere of interests go from illustration to design, from art to comics, and in general I’m engaged to aesthetic in visuals media.
I work as illustrator and layout designer, with a genuine interest on techniques of drawing and space composing, I love paper, books, magazines, comics, animations and all concerning visual creativity.

My background formation grows over different experiences, back in the ‘90 I published a few graphic novels and I was one of the most known graffiti writers in Rome. Especially Graffiti occupied a big part of my juvenile life; the path of graffiti-writing aloud me to step into the art business, having the opportunity to perform my art in several international exhibitions.

In 2004 I moved from Rome to Amsterdam where I actually live and work as freelancer.

Among the most important things of my production are to mention; the book “Just Push The Button”, an overview of the writing scene of Rome, “Dreams Like Dirt” a work in progress where I use old fridges and other junks as a vehicle of my imaginary, a collaboration with Beams-T Japan for the design of several t-shirt, my participation at the Amsterdam Biennale 2009 with a pavilion representing the city of Rome, and several illustration made for the magazines: Superfly, Rolling Stone Italy and Rugged magazine.

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