ARWL #2: Massive stars, anonymity, browser art & a router exhibition

Artists and scientists reveal research in living-room setting

19 Feb 2014

With Lucas Ellerbroek, Daniel de Zeeuw, Jan Robert Leegte. Dinner at 19:00, talks at 20:00. * We're also putting on a one-night-only router exhibition, scroll down for more info. *

Enlarge - Screenshot from, work by Jan Robert Leegte.


Lucas Ellerbroek

is an astrophysicist working at the Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek. His research interests include massive stars, stars with a mass at least eight times greater than that of the Sun, but sometimes as much as 150 times greater. When they run out of fuel, the outer layers are blown away, resulting in a supernova. The core of the star implodes and is compressed into a neutron star. This neutron star is home to exotic forms of matter found nowhere else in the universe. Lucas wants to know how massive stars are made.

Jan Robert Leegte

is an artist and lecturer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where he founded BrowserBased, a material / technically oriented platform dealing with the browser based context, as well as a net-culture knowledge base.

Daniel de Zeeuw

is a philosopher, currently conducting research into the emergence of anonymity in contemporary culture. Current research aligns anonymity almost exclusively with issues concerning privacy, freedom of speech and censorship. Critical of this approach, Daniel escapes the neoliberal discourse and frames anonymity within a broader popular-cultural history.

Router exhibition

After an idea by Aram Bartholl, a one-night-only offline exhibition of web-based art. The show is accessible on location via a wireless network.


Jesse van Winden, editor-in-chief of Kunstlicht, will one-handedly play his favourite records.


ARWL takes place irregularly in the living room of Cafe De Ruimte. Buiksloterdijk 270, Amsterdam. Entrance: €4. If you want to join us for dinner before the talks, make a reservation by sending an e-mail to Meals are vegetarian and cost €6.