16 Dec 1983

An evening with live performances, Video and light installations and video art screenings at the Artotheek venue in Groningen. This was the second event that Mediamatic organized in its founding year 1983.


Poster for "Ooghoogte" - Poster for "Ooghoogte" a video art and performance event organized by Mediamatic at Artotheek Groningen. Thursday december 16 1983, 21:00 Artists: Jannie Pranger, Cristie van Proosdij, Barbara Pyle, Frits Maats, Klaas Koetje, Christine Chiffron. Design: Ontwerp Velthoven (Willem Velthoven). The posters were silk screen printed in yellow and dark blue on 102x72cm coated stock and and illegally sign posted through the city of Groningen by the organizing members of Mediamatic: Jan Wijle Willem Velthoven

The evening opened with "Water Tijd" a 20 min. duet for voice (Jannie Pranger) and violin (Christie van Proosdij). Then Pranger and van Proosdij performed with a 15 minute abstract art video piece bij Barbara Pyle.

Frits Maats presented "Remember/Replay" a video installation piece.

Klaas Koetje preformed a live audio and video feed back piece titled "Herziade"

Christine Chiffrun did a 14 minute slide projection and video performance piece in which she "repaired a tree". It was titled "Natuur Cultuur".

Next to the live performances there were screenings of art video pieces by Barbara Pyle, Eus Manz, Frits Maats, Hans Jongsma, Henk Heidev(eld), Jouke Kleerebezem, Klaas Koetje, Marieken Verheyen and Sievert Bodde/Eduard Koopman.

The evening was well received bij a large local crowd. It gave the organizers further courage to plan more events in 1984.

The event was organized by the founders of Mediamatic: Jan Wijle, Willem Velthoven, Marieken Verheyen, Barbara Pyle, Willem Mulder(artotheek), Beatrijs Hulskes.

The poster was designed bij WillemVelthoven.

Video equipment was borrowed from Groningen University audiovisual department and Institute for Art History.