Ernst Haeckel, Adolf Giltsch
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Zonaria. / Fucoideae. Brauntange.

Lithograph by Ernst Haeckel and Adolf Giltsch

Plate 15 from Kunstformen der Natur.
This is one of the 100 pop science biology illustrations that were published from 1899 – 1904 in Leipzig by Ernst Haeckel through Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts.

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Translation of the original German introduction by Ernst Haeckel:

Division of Algae (Tange); - subclass of Fucoideae or Phaeophyceae (Brauntange).
Fucoideae form a diverse main group of algae, topping all other groups of water plants with their considerable size as well as development on massive scale. The colour is usually brown, at times more yellowish like leather and greenish like olives, at times merging into brown-red and black-brown. All Fucoideae are ocean dwellers, some species at a length of more than 300m.

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