Ernst Haeckel, Adolf Giltsch
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Pennatula. / Pennatulida. Federkorallen.

Lithograph by Ernst Haeckel and Adolf Giltsch

Plate 19 from Kunstformen der Natur.
This is one of the 100 pop science biology illustrations that were published from 1899 – 1904 in Leipzig by Ernst Haeckel through Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts.

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Translation of the original German introduction by Ernst Haeckel:

Phylum of Cnidaria (Nesseltiere); - subclass of Anthozoa (Korallen); - legion of Alcyonaria (Kranzkorallen); - order of Octocoralla (achtstrahlige Kranzkorallen).
The family of Pennatulida forms a special group in the order of Octocoralla. All corals of this family form symmetric colonies or Corma with many flower-like polyps attached on a collective shaft. Most species are of considerable size and beautifully coloured. The shaft of the common colony body (Cormus) contains a horny axis and is loosely fixed to the sea-bed with its lower end. The individual polyps or personae, with a corona of eight feathered tentacles around the mouth, are distributed regularly, feather-like or umbel-like along the shaft.

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