8 Reasons to visit Fermentology!

On Saturday 20th, 12:00 to 22:00

Saturday 20th of September will be the first edition of Fermentology! a collaborative effort of Mediamatic and NeighbourFood Market. At this brand new food market you can taste the best fermented foods in town. Join now and visit the facebook event.


Fermentology! - Fermentology food market banner Wim Wouters

So, here is why we think you should visit Fermentology!


1. You can go on a tasting adventure.
Our first edition of Fermentology! will feature loads of exciting, fermented, and unique foods. Please your inner dining-adventurer by trying some kafir, kimchi, sourdough pizza's, plenty of vegetarian foods, sausages, insects and a wide range of unique craft beers.


Drinks @ Mediamatic Bar, first edition - The first edition of Drinks @ Mediamatic Bar [Catfish Edition] on 15-08-2014 Irati

2. Because you can taste 5 of the most original draught beers
- Mannenliefde by Oedipus with barley, hop, yeast, lemongrass and Szechuan Peppercorns).
- Pomme Bruxelles by Oersoep, which is a mix of Lambik on wood + cider.
- NDSM Porter, by De Vriendschap.
- S.H.I.P.A. Single hopped India Pale Ale by De Naeckte Brouwers with US Chinook hop
-Elser Kuit by De Naeckte Brouwers, an old-age Dutch white beer with oats.
- De Naeckte Brouwers will have two beers: S.H.I.P.A. (Single hopped India Pale Ale)

And! to bottled beers by Omnipollo and Butchers Tears.


oedipus-brewing-mannenliefde-2-1024x682 -

3. We will make you fall in love with bacteria
It might sound a little strange, but we love bacteria! And we think you do to. Because when you think about it all of our favorite foods get their delicious taste because of tiny micro-organisms. Kimchi, trassi, wine, beer, yoghurt, cheese, sausage, bread... Need we say more?

4. It will be a Fungi Heaven
If there is one thing we love, it's mushrooms! You can try the snacks by Terra Bites in which they use mushrooms grown on a substrate from coffee-grounds and other organic materials. Or attend our Magic Mushroom workshop, which starts at 16:00!


Samples from MeattheMushrooms - Mushrooms that will be used by Chef Thor in is Fermentology! lunch. From company MeattheMushroom

5. Because nothing lasts
Maybe you didn't know yet, but we will be moving... So this might be one of the last summer days ever to enjoy our fantastic urban beach and overlook the gigantic 19th century van Gendthallen.

6. We will show you how sauerkraut is made.
The original way, that is.. With our very own cabbage-stomping team. With an astounding amount of 60 kilos of cabbage, there will be some very busy feet!


Making sauerkraut - Our very own Aquaponics intern Emma is doing some serious cabbage stomping to make sauerkraut. Rosalie Bak

With: Emma Aussems

7. Sourdough bakers are the new rockstars
MotherYeast homebakers will be on the spot to teach you how to make your own sourdough bread. They use an old family recipe to prepare and share their bread. And they will make amazing sourgdough pizza's! Take a sneakpeak here.

8. Art and food go well together
While you're there you can also indulge in some 19th century artforms of nature. With a nice little game, if you feel like it!


How will designing with organisms change our perspective on art, design, food and beer? Find out at Bio-me. 3 Days of workshops, talks, tastings, Fermentology! and the expo Kunstformen Der Natur. The Fermentology! is part of the Bio-me program. For further information on the complete program, visit www.mediamatic.net/biome.