Out There

Video Art, Digital Media & Photography figuring landscapes

10 Oct 2014
9 Nov 2014

25 artworks, 12 street projections and 6 lightbox photos in public space and 7 indoor installations


OutThere 01 -

Artworks are put on display that are part of the 500-year-old tradition of landscape art and at the same time stretch and make current the traditional frames of meaning through new techniques and views.
The exhibition matches contemporary video projections and video installations with the latest digital landscape photography and computer-generated artworks that bear direct links to social media. Google Maps, Google Earth, Streetview, GPS, satellite images, security camera's, webcams, flickr and Instagram. The omnipresence and 'makeable' image forms the basis of new and exciting landscape works. The works address social, political, ecological or ethical issues and thematize notions of time, standstill and movement. The myriad images that make up the collective memory of art history are used to tell new, meaningful narratives. Narratives about how we relate to the rural and urban landscapes and the image culture of today.