Mediamatic Magazine Vol. 1#4 Raul Marroquin 1 Jan 1987

Letter to the Editor

Dear Mediamatic,

I'm really glad to hear about your plans of distributing artists video tapes in home formats; it was about time that someone began to take seriously such an important possibility.


1#4 - Lydia Schouten

If I were you, I wouldn't worry about the fears and criticisms on behalf of those that think that your initiative might jeopardize the so-called Museum U-matic Market. (What market I wonder; sporadic handouts from very few museums that in spite of their lack of interest can no longer deny the existence of video art?).

Artists involved with electronic media should realize that a museum is only one of the many avenues (and probably the least important) of persuing their careers.

It is obvious that such technicalities as the protection of prices and markets can easily be dealt with in the same way that Art Lending Services outline their marketing policies.

Good luck with your venture.

Best regards,

Raúl Marroquin