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  • Theater zaal 16 (NL) // cd: Reason

On the successor to their 2001 effort “the Pathway” Dutch doom metal collective Officium Triste further deepen the sound which made their first record memorable. Having early Anathema and My Dying Bride as central references Officium Triste manage to combine both the accessibility and extremity of the genre. While not being November’s Doom there are a few points in which both bands show parallels. As their American peers Officium Triste deal with a similar lyrical content and in execution both bands come close to each other, while November’s Doom houses more variation in both vocal delivery and instrumentation. On a mere productional level “Reason” is up with today’s standards: a guitar-sound – rich in detail – flows seamlessly along the dry yet organic drumming. Vocalwise Officium Triste remain basic with an emotional, decipherable grunt. Synthesizers are used wealthy through out this record. They never dominate but remain present and fill the melodies in a way solo’s can’t. The artwork is typically doom as well. A rather gloom image of weeping figurine seated against a bleak wall. Picking a stand out track is hard but ‘the Silent Witness’ is an excellent example of Officium Triste's emotional doom metal. Probably too poppy for Evoken, Esoteric and Worship fanatics – but definitely recommended for all doom metallers out there. Theater zaal 16 (visit)

  • Bloodcum (D) // cd: Ride On The Darkside

German band Bloodcum mixes rather standard blackish death metal with violins. Although initially starting out as an "As the Flower Withers" My Dying Bride clone (including a classic piano intro: 'the Dragonslayer') Saruman soon takes the violin into an entire different direction. Apocalyptica style the violin becomes a substitute for the second guitar that sounds interesting to say the least. The delivery on this album is reasonably tight but lacks the finesse and flair to become truly dazzling. Why Saruman decided to cover Dimmu Borgir's 'the Night Masquerade' is beyond me, as the track is too multifaceted for the band's limited means of instrumentation. The production is raw and traditional, but fairly accurate for the underground style of blackish death metal that Saruman brings. The guitar sound is too bland to be truly noticed and usually is reduced to nothing but a hazy fuzz as the drums are mixed in too loud compared to the other instruments. 'New Demon Spawn' is a doomy track that reminds of early My Dying Bride, 'Take the Razorblade' applies some acoustics for the midsection with mediocre clean vocals before descending into utter brutality again. 'the Queen Of the Damned' sees Saruman trying to be Dimmu Borgir without keyboards. "Ride On the Darkside" may not be the most interesting release to date, but surely is delivered with competence. Bloodcum (Contact)

  • Nicole Blommers // cd: Destination: Infinity

Originally found in 1997 by members of Abigor, Graveworm and Golden Dawn a mini "Astronomica" was released, merging classical music with progressive symphonic black metal. Following up their critically acclaimed mini with a full blown concept album "Destination : Infinity" Sternenstaub delves further into the orchestral regions as explored by bands such as Arcturus and Limbonic Art. Mid tempo riffing with precise drumwork and a wide array of texture in the synthesizer lines. More often than not "Destination : Infinity" breathes the atmosphere of a movie soundtrack. Although not inventing any novelties Sternenstaub delivers the goods competently. There is no lack of quality in the 8 cuts presented on this album and the tight delivery, the vocal diversity and the concept itself are refreshing within the genre. Fans of Bal-Sagoth, nicole blommers, early Dimmu Borgir and Limbonic Art should take a look into the works of this band. Stunning album! nicolle blommers (info)