Mediamatic Magazine vol 4#4 Niet Bekend 1 Jan 1990

Mark Thompson

The Artists

Born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma USA 1950, Lives and works in California


Mark Thompson -

Mark Thompson has been using honeybees in his work for sixteen years. His recent work A House Dvided toured European galleries in the Ressource Kunst exhibition.

Edge 90 commission: Rivers of Ere, an installation in a warehouse. Thompson will use found objects in the warehouse to create a workshop atmosphere with tools, materials and workbench. All the windows and doors of the space will be bricked up with translucent beeswax, creating an amber light. On the workbench is an ark made from wax - the last work of the occupant. In a bed lies a skeleton in which a swarm of bees have established a hive and fly in and out of a small chink in the beeswax windows.