Staff newsletter

Wednesday 7 January

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts


Cleaning up the new location - Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith

With: Wim Wouters

This week three new interns joined our gang. Simeon (Sim) Goodwin, you might remember him from previous Ignite and Biotalk where he spoke about his seaweed project. He will work on the mycelium team (team mold) during his internship. Joe-Ann van Deventer also joined the mycelium project, but will also work on the visualization and design of the bioshop. She finds herself very chaotic so if you see her doing a 100 things at the same time, she likes to be stopped ;). Last but not least, another one teaming up with the mycelium peeps: Eli Brouwer. They all will help realizing the isolation of the big barn.

All three newies are sitting at the Graphic/mycelium room downstairs, please introduce yourself and give them a warm welcome, or a warm coffee :).


Unfortunately, next Thursday, 15 Jan at 18:00 (before Biotalk), we have to say goodbye to a lot of us: Antoni, Daniel, Emma, Koen Dos Tres, Kyra, Lukas, Naresh, Wim and myself (Lisa..). Take enough tissues, cigarettes or anything you need to handle this big loss.

Help needed this Friday

This Friday we are going to kick off 2015 and our new Biotoop by hosting 2 events (more info see below). A lot of help is needed and it is going to be a lot of fun so if you can help after 18:00, please join! Send Anne ( an e-mail or let her know if you can help.


Beer tasting at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 - The first beer is distributed for tasting at Bierberaad, an evening filled with talks, stories and tastings of special biers and radical flavours. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith

New Projects

Two projects have been confirmed with funding by Mondriaan Fonds yesterday. The first one is a collaboration with bio-designer Zeger Reyers. He has done some awesome projects in the past like the 'Mosselstoel', Rotating Kitchen and Hard Water.


Fungi and daffodils - Installation in the Middelheimmuseum. A work made by Zeger Reyers. He let fungi and daffodils grow on a pitch-black earth. Zeger Reyers

Secondly Mediamatic will be working together with Jasmin Moeller to create a garden project in which visitors are asked to answer questions by planting flower seeds.


Just came back from her holiday and Anne is managing the floor again like a boss. So, new year, new cleaning schedule: everybody has to clean, not only interns! Check the schedule in your mail and/or in the kitchen to see which day you are on and what you need to do.

Upcoming Events

Friday January 9
Hard Hat New Years Reception: Cheers to our Biotoop! From 17:30 until 20:00 we invited everyone to come see our new office on a Hard Hat Tour and have a drink for the new year. Do you know anyone who is interested in renting a desk in a collaborative bio-lab? Invite them and/or friends to this event.


Hard Hat New Years Reception - Cheers to the Biotoop Dijksgracht! Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith

Friday January 9
Bierberaad: At 20:00 this Friday the first event of 2015 will start! At Bierberaad we invited 6 brewers: Heineken, Naeckte Brouwers, CiderGiel, Herman Beeke, Butcher's Tears and Halbe, to tell their brewing-stories. Also there will be 7 Tastings of different beers.

Thursday January 15
Biotalk Digestopians: After the Goodbye drink at 20:00, the first Biotalk of the year takes place. Together with Bart Vanderput a.k.a. Bartaku and Katharina Unger from LIVIN Studio this biotalk we will look into the future of food and comestible experiences.

Other stuff, nevertheless important

Roy's baby can be born any minute! So if you see him running out of the office it is probably because his girlfriend is in labor. We are already guessing on babynames, so if you think you know one;)..

Have a good week!

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