Staff newsletter

Wednesday 14 January

Here's the last weekly staff newsletter written by me for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts!


Kunstformen Der Natur t-shirts - The Mediamatic Team dressed in Kunstformen Der Natur Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith


Candy Choi started on Monday with her intership Exhibition. She will mainly work on a project together with photographer Ruud van der Peijl and helping out with the Radboud Exhibition in Nijmegen (more info see below). Jimena Mendizabal started her internship Exhibition realizing the new Bio shop at the Biotoop. Last but not least, Alexandra Yakovleva will work on our new collaboration project with Jasmin Moeller (more info see below).

Please introduce yourself and give them a warm welcome, or a warm coffee :).


Amy won't be around anymore as much as we would love. She will be here on events to take photo's so she won't be completely gone!

Unfortunately, some of us will be completely gone.. TOMORROW, at 17:30 (before Biotalk), we have to say goodbye to a lot of us: Antoni, Daniel, Emma, Koen Dos Tres, Kyra, Lukas, Naresh, Wim and myself (Lisa..). I know it is heartbreaking but we need to stay strong together. Maybe we can start a support group.

And I.....!!!

Tomorrow // Biotalk!

First Biotalk at this location! We will have two speakers: Bart Vanderput will talk about edible solar cells and Katharina Unger from LIVIN Studio shows how you can grow and eat fungi grown in toxic waste (plastic). For our guests there will be a fish soup served.
If you want to join the event, please let Anne know she can put you on the guestlist plus a friend, but only if you put your name + your friends name on the list!


Fungi Mutarium - Fungi Mutarium by Livin Studio

Important stuff

When working at an event please keep the noise down and remember you are working, not drinking and partying! ;)

Tomorrow between 13:00-15:00 the kitchen will be occupied with a meeting with all neighbours. You can get coffee but you cannot use the kitchen for other purposes.

Containers are here for garbage: Devide your trash! Put your papertrash in the special bins located in every room.

New projects

Kunstformen der Natur on tour!
We will be working together with the Radboud Hospital Nijmegen to bring the Haeckel exposition to their hallway. A beautiful big public space where art and science can be combined. We are still waiting for the approval from the fire department because we are working with paper, as soon as we have permission we can start designing and hanging the posters again!


Hallway Radboud Hospital Nijmegen - Lisa Schaeffer

Zeger Reyers & Jasmin Moeller
Two projects have been confirmed with funding by Mondriaan Fonds yesterday. The first one is a collaboration with bio-designer Zeger Reyers. He has done some awesome projects in the past like the 'Mosselstoel', Rotating Kitchen and Hard Water. Secondly Mediamatic will be working together with Jasmin Moeller to create a garden project in which visitors are asked to answer questions by planting flower seeds.

Upcoming Events

Thursday January 15
Biotalk Digestopians: After the Goodbye drink at 20:00, the first Biotalk of the year takes place. Together with Bart Vanderput a.k.a. Bartaku and Katharina Unger from LIVIN Studio this biotalk we will look into the future of food and comestible experiences.

Friday January 23
Magic Mushroom Workshop: Get high on your own supply! Learn to cultivate mushrooms and especially how to germinate spores of Psilocybe cubensis on a home-made substrate.

Wednesday January 28
IGNITE: shrinking offices, virtual fashion, rainbows and 9 other stories. Ignite is run by locals, for locals. Fast-paced and merciless, speakers get five minutes to present, this time the challenge is up to: Jacob Kok, Marieke Broertjes&Rosalie Bak, Noël Loozen, Titia Hoogendoorn, Roy Yin, Maarten Hupkes and Lepelboom. More info, see event!



If you feel like contributing something to the weekly newsletter, contact Lisa or Rosalie!