Staff newsletter 28/1

Wednesday 28 January

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts


Our new building -


A new wave of interns has arrived! This week Eise Rhoode, Eef and Mirna joined our team. Eise-Rhoode and Eef will be working on exhibition and on top of the agenda - the gardening project with Jasmin Moeller, whereas Mirna will be helping Rosa and Rosalie on workshops organization and communication. If you haven’t already, go introduce yourself and say hi!


Thanks Saro for fixing the coffee machine, now we should be able to make the perfect expressos! Adviced coffee making procedure is as below if you don’t know already:

1. Put fresh coffee in the holder
2. Firmly press
3. Clear the ring of coffee grounds!
4. Put the holder in, not over tighten!
5. Choose the preferable dosing.


Workshop - Magic Mushrooms: participants learned all about Psilocybe Cubensis this time.


Participants learning how to grow magic mushrooms -


Tonight the possibly last edition of Ignite: Shrinking offices, virtual fashion, rainbows is taking place! 13 speakers including Rosalie will be presenting for 5 minutes each about their creative practice. Quite a lot of people have signed up already, it’s gonna be packed! If you can help out, or if you want to join, please email Anne about it. Also, don’t forget to get a guest pass before popping in the event!

Some snapshot of Luca and Nina making the vegetarian minestrone soup Istarska Maneštra for 100 people, yum yum yum….


Nina and Luca chopping veggies -


Workshop: Grow your own oyster mushrooms :
Sorry staffy - tickets are sold out! Participants will be learning how to grow yummy oyster mushrooms with coffee waste and old cardboard. Next one is on 28 Feb, for those who want to know…


Ni and Joyce in the previous session -

Have a good week!

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