Become a Oyster Mushroom Master

Workshop, Saturday February 28

Whether you're an artist, designer, foody or farmer, now is the time to start working with the material of the future: Fungi. On Saturday February 28 we invited designer and researcher Maurizio Montalti to introduce you to the wondrous world of Oyster mushroom cultivation. Get your tickets now. Only limited spots available.


Oyster mushroom - Oyster mushroom grown on coffee waste. Oyster mushroom grown on cardboard Antoni Gandia (AD)

Workshop: Learn to grow your own Oyster Mushrooms

Learn how to grow Oyster mushrooms on coffee and cardboard waste, and how to scale your production with pasteurised straw. Gain understanding of Mycelium as source of food and new materials. Check out this video.

Date: Saturday February 28, 13:00
Location: Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €25,-

More Info

If you have questions regarding the content of the workshop and tickets, reservations and other inquires you can contact Rosa Kieft.

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