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City Simulation Room Opens at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Play the City and Pakhuis de Zwijger join forces to build a City Simulation Room. Designed to generate an effective and playful environment for solving complex urban challenges by multiple stakeholders, initial training programs focus on two Dutch cases from Almere Oosterwold and Amsterdam Noord. The aim is to expand the City Gaming method to other Dutch and European Cities in 2016.


How is it possible that Amsterdam faces a housing crisis while at the same time 15% of all office buildings remain unused? How can it be that in Stuttgart, Germany, thousands of people are protesting against a train station, causing cost explosions, massive delays and blatant dissatisfaction with the main decision makers? The top-to-bottom way we develop our cities naturally causes problems – not only in the Netherlands and Germany, but worldwide.

How can we be more effective? More resourceful? How can we utilize the knowledge of the many to improve the traditional decision-making of the few?

Training Game Image 1
Training Game Image 1

Gaming as the 21st Century City Making

The 21st century requires innovative, collaborative methods for city makers. Play the City addresses this challenge, practicing a system based on what is arguably the oldest and most natural way of learning: Games.
In the Game of urban development, decision-making happens in an environment that is detached from the consequences of reality. It is a simulation. The environment in which a Game takes place is a model. As models are simplified versions of reality, we can create Games for various complex scenarios that address the challenges of multi-stakeholder city making.
Dr. Ekim Tan developed City Gaming into a method during her research. Proving to be an effective tool for multi-stakeholder management, City Games have now facilitated projects in Cape Town, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Brussels, among others. And this is only the beginning.


Experience the City Simulation Room

Over the past months, we have received a steady increase in people wanting to learn more about City Games. In the spirit of Gaming, we decided to avoid the ineffective, often boring lecture approach and offer the experience of City Gaming first hand.

We are now happy to announce that Game Training will be offered in our newly established City Simulation Room, with great thanks to our hosting partner, Pakhuis de Zwijger. Located in Amsterdam. Game Training is for all who want to explore Games as a method for developing strategies with multiple stakeholders, resolve conflicts better and innovate the way we individually and collaboratively make decisions.

Registration is now open for City Gaming on April 23rd and May 21st at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam (25 people max. per session). One of Play the City’s real-world Game simulations will be the main part of an exclusive 4-hour event, held in the afternoon.
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