Staff newsletter 12/3

Thursday 12 March

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts


Our new building -


Anna, Mariana and Kylie are leaving us. Thank you girls for the company, we wish you all the best. Whether you are going back home, staying in Amsterdam or moving to another country, let’s keep in touch!

With that being said, of course, there will be a leaving party. It is taking place on Friday, after work, don’t miss out on the fun!


Party - by Mardi Gras


This week Ana Valls from Spain joined us. She will be helping with the development of the restaurant, she is staying in the graphics room at the moment.


After talking about it 3 times in the staff newsletters, Biotalk: 3D Printing with Organic Matter is finally happening today! If you still have no clue what is going to be talked about, here you go, a one-line summary: the guest speakers will explore the subject of applying organisms to new production methods and material development. It is going to be very inspiring - see you there!


botanica -


Kylie is leaving us, but she is finishing off her illustration on the container in the greenhouse. It is already looking good!


Fish drawing in progress - Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

With: Kylie Bremer


Workshop: Schilderen met Levende Beestjes is happening again this Saturday. It will be the same workshop as the previous one where kids can draw with bacteria on petri dishes, so in the end the drawing can grow! Very interesting workshop, only in Nederlands sorry! Also, a big plus is that parents can join their children for free. Have some nephews and nieces that are interested? Get in touch with Rosa.


The workshop last Saturday was a blast! It was a fantastic sunny afternoon in the greenhouse, with beer brewer Simon. Participants not only learnt brewing, but also tasted quite a lot of different beers. Candy, Eli, Mirna and Rosalie participated, and they brewed some nice ones. Rosalie was part of the group brewing IPA, whilst the rest of the four brewed the Smokey Orange Stout with one more participants. Miss it? Not to worry, two other beer workshops are on the way!


Beer-brewing process - Found on Etsy

Have a good week!

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