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we work to unwrap

We are citizens of interspaces, the scapes where connections flow between messages, scales and places beyond our comfort zone. Its creating solutions, multi-optional thinking and overlooking assumption to work with bright minds, motives and material. 

Judith van den Boom (NL) and Gunter Wehmeyer (GER) unite in BoomWehmeyer, a duo that explores new kinds of cross-disciplinary research and design development.

Their active topics explore the intersection of product and urban design to expand public, professional and personal expectations of design, developing into innovative design strategies for people, education, manufacturing and business.
Their work aims to stimulate connections between the environment and its use, bridging cultures and knowledge to create new (land)scapes for design.

BoomWehmeyer recently activated the ‘Slow China’ research project, a continuation of their creative engagements in China that will give birth to slow dialogues, workshops and collaborative design outcomes...We work to unwrap.

### Gunter Wehmeyer (1970), born in Kassel (GER) got educated with a german Master in Landscape Planning and an advanced Master in Urban Design. Throughout the last 6 years he predominantly worked in Shanghai, Dubai/Abu Dhabi, London and Hong Kong on XXL Urban Design, Infrastructure, Landscape and Masterplanning projects trying to bridge the gap between Megacity urbanisation, Sustainability strategies and overall large scale design concepts.

A curious driven nature, analytical research and cultural sociological understanding are natural enclosed in his design strategy and decision-making. As well as international design experiences, he also has project- and design management skills with a focus on Strategic Design, Design Thinking and Consulting.

In his practice Gunter is working with the interaction of phenomenas like individualisation, globalisation, segregation, suburbanisation and post planning forming a new type of contemporary urban and landscape design.

Throughout these complex, dynamic and simultaneous projects he developed the ability to change and focus his perspective and accepting the inconsistency as a chance to critically initiate change and actively shaping the future. In this way Gunters strategy of being different and working inbetween creative professions delivers and offers a unique quality and hybrid synergy to keep the focus while sensing new opportunities and being alert and aware.

In a time of Complexity overload Gunter is a proactively strategic thinker able to analyze and abstract situations quickly. Strategy for him means getting involved in a long term plan of action designed to achieve and initiate Options for the Transformation of Design and Processes, new forms of communication and a multidisciplinary collaborative culture.

Gunter is currently spending most of his time and energy building a better understanding of the way in which new forces of change can be incorporated into a more effective design and business strategy. ###

### Judith van den Boom (1977) born in Utrecht (NL) and studied for her BA Product Design at Design Academy Eindhoven and Academy of Art& Design in Arnhem with a following design driven MA Ceramics & Glass at Royal College of Art in London for deeper material knowledge and international connecting network.
From 2004 to 2008 she had several extensive work experiences in China through residencies, manufacturing and projects. Here she created work such as ceramic productions, documentation, photography and connections in bridging cultural discussion networks. Furthermore Judith exhibited with her work intensive internationally ( NY, London, Milan) with following publications in diverse international design magazines throughout the last years.
Currently she focuses on encouraging knowledge of innovation, human potential and abilities to fuel design development. Judith’s aims lie in stimulating connections between the environment and its use. Developing innovative Produkts & services in search of connections between different work fields. Researching material for exploring new kinds of use and develop this by engaging with manufacturers and creative professions.
With having her focus on innovative socially sustainable projects to encourage knowledge of innovation, human potential and skills she attempts to build an intensive network that connects to thinkers, idealists and realists for brighter future living.
Passionate to stimulate connections between the environment and living by creating change through research, criticism, writing and teaching throughout design. ###

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