Staff newsletter 8/4

Wednesday 8 April

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts


Our new building -


This week after the Easter weekend, Anna Subich from Russia and Sebastian Kaye originally from England joined our team. Anna, or Anya, will be part of the Piss Project, whereas Sebastian is working with mycelium.


As we already heard, our new project Twijfel Zaaien - Raising/ Casting Doubts (to be decided) - is opening on 5 May, coinciding with the big street dinner and festivity here at Dijksgracht. 30 questions about life, philosophy and art will lead you through a temporary park at the top of Dijksgracht which not only allows you to find out your own ‘artisthood’, but you can also contribute to the growth of the garden by planting your own seeds!


augmented_reality_bloemenroute -


Bierberaad: Beer, Brett and Braumeisters will take place on Friday. Among the speakers, Henriette and Willem will talk about different kinds of hops and yeast through the Japanese animation Moyashimon respectively; whilst Stephen Grigg from brewery De Kromme Haring, Zowie Jannink from La Bolleur and Aafje Sierksma from Kennisinstituut Bier will share about ‘Trois’ Beer, Boys Beer and health effects of beer consumption.


Beer tasting - at Bierberaad

Mycelium Workshop

For the first time, Advanced Mycelium Cultivation workshop is happening. Participants will be working with 5 different species including Shiitake, Oyster, King Oyster, Reishi and Golden Teacher, and will be taking home 5 different mushroom strains on petri dishes. The workshop is sold out.

Have a good week!

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