Workshop: Brew your own Sixpack

Saturday 18 April.

What most micro-breweries have in common, is that they all started brewing in their own homes and kitchens. Now, you can do the same. Learn how to brew your own sixpack with the hands on Brew your own sixpack workshop by Simon Buijs from Brouwerij De Bierkraai. From milling and mashing to filtering, ruh storage, naming, botteling and tasting.

Start home brewing and get your tickets now. Go here for an impression of the previous workshop.


Brew your own sixpack workshop - Simon holding malt Rosalie Bak

With: Simon Buijs

This workshop is divided into two parts, brewing (6 hrs.) and bottling (1 hr).


Workshop: Brew your own sixpack.
Part 1: 18 April 12:00 - 18:00
Part 2: 8 May, 18:00
Tickets: €60,00. With discount you pay only €42,00 *
Location: Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

*Students, freelancers and artists can get a 30% discount! Fill in the discount code 'bierbrouwen' at the check out. Please notice we will ask for proof of subscription of your university or your KVK number.

More Beer Friday April 10 at Bierberaad

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Tastings of: Boysbier, 2 special dry hopped Oettingers, Kinky Koos, a new 'Trois' beer by De Kromme Haring and Canta Lupulus van Oersoep. Plus Vogelen Berlinner Weisse. Get your tickets in advance.


16 April | Shaping Micro-Organisms at Biotalk

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