Staff newsletter 15/4

Wednesday 15 April

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts


Our new building -


Biotalk: Shaping Micro-organisms is taking place tomorrow. It will be about the movement of micro-organisms, and how it is visualized in real life camera shots or through animation. Speakers include Fabai Wu who will explain the research he does for TU Delft, and show us a graphical and moving view of micro-organisms; Kamiel Rongen, an audio-visual artist who is showing us his video that captures water and organisms, filmed all in a fish bowl; Willem who is, of course, going to talk about the anime Moyashimon. All sounds exciting! Invite your friends - students get a price reduction!


Tomorrow at Mediamatic at 16:00, there will be the Book presentation of 111 Plekken in Amsterdam die je gezien moet hebben - 111 Places in Amsterdam that You Must Have Seen - by Bas van Lier. We have also made the list, 11 Hidden Treasures in Amsterdam, by the author himself, just published at Het Parool yesterday. Interested? Pop in!
Note: the talk is only in Dutch, sorry!


Lots of books - Found on Design Inspiration


This Saturday, Workshop: Brew Your Own Sixpack is happening again! It is a fantastic workshop teaching people how to brew beers. Last time was really fun, participants also got to taste quite a lot of different beer, so all in all, it’s a good mix of education and fun. There should be some spots left, so don’t miss out, sign up with Rosa!


Brew Your Own Sixpack - Filering the mesh


We have all seen how much stuff there is inside the Black Barn, and the ‘great’ news is: we have to clean it up, woohoo! Saro has already created a timetable as to who needs to take their shift and when, if you haven’t seen it already, or you don’t know when is your shift, you should go to him!

Have a good week!

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