Reinventing Craftmanship

Bierberaad, Friday 8 May.

As the microbrew movement grows, craft brewers are looking into new methods and better brewing techniques. Etienne Vermeulen, master brewer of Kaapse Brouwers explains the use of wooden barrels. Brewer and biologist Ramses Snoeij demonstrates his infusion invention: The Beerhopper. And with Arnd Marijnissen and Peter Tamback we'll get introduced to Beer XML, a free data description designed for beer brewing recipes and data. But that's not all. Artist Zeger Reyer will tell you about his passion for distilling in copper kettles. Beer judge and Stibon teacher Derek Walsh describes how he created a distinct wood flavour. And the Cinema Brewers introduce you to the Fellini like qualities of their IPA. Plus at least 7 tastings!

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Food at 18:30, talks at 20:00.


Cinema Brewed - One of the beers by the Cinema Brewers


Ramses Snoeij (Ramses Bier) - How to use the Beerhopper for flavour.
Etienne Vermeulen (Kaapse Brouwers)- The use of wine and bourbon barrels
Zeger Reyers - Brewing and distilling anecdotes
Arnd Marijnissen & Peter Tamback (Techinc) - The Beer XML and beer data.
Finbarr Wilbrink (Cinema Brewers) - Pairing beer and cinema
Derek Walsh (Breugem & Walsh) - The flavour of Wood.


Naar de Haaien - Ramses Bier
Ramses Z'onder Baard - Ramses Bier
An Altbier, following a regional Düsseldorf recipe
Schotse Knor - Kaapse Brouwers
Paradiso Basil IPA - Cinema Brewers
Kracht Hout - Breugem & Walsh
*more to be announced

Bierberaad 8 May
Reinventing Craftsmanship
Food at 18:30, talks at 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €15,00 (incl. 7 tasting and mediamatic membership, excl. food)


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