Join us tonight.

Food at 18:30, Bierberaad at 20:00

Do you want to hear more about the latest developments in the beer scene and microbrewer's obsessions? Join us tonight for Bierberaad: Reinventing Craftsmanship. Where you'll listen to 6 talks by independent brewers and artists and taste 7 distinctive beers. Plus a delicious cup of dinkel wheat soup with mushrooms and indian cress.

Pssst.. as of today the Bierberaad will take place in our black barn! Get your tickets now.


Black barn in full swing - Visitors during the opening of Twijfel Zaaien.


Etienne Vermeulen - Kaapse Brouwers, Ramses Snoeij - Ramses Bier, Arnd Marijnissen and Peter Tamback, Zeger Reyer, Derek Walsh - Breugem & Walsh, Finbarr Wilbrink -Cinema Brewers and beercurator Henriette Waal.


Naar de Haaien - Ramses Bier
Ramses Z'onder Baard - Ramses Bier
Bolten Ur-Alt - Bolten Brauerei
Schotse Cor - Kaapse Brouwers
Franse Cor - Kaapse Brouwers
Paradiso Basil IPA - Cinema Brewers
Kracht Hout - Breugem & Walsh

Bierberaad 8 May
Reinventing Craftsmanship
Food at 18:30, talks at 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €15,00 (incl. 7 tasting and mediamatic membership, excl. food)

Start your own micro-brewery

Did you know that you can also learn to brew yourself? Join in the Brew Your Own Sixpack Workshop on June 23, with Simon Buijs from the Bierkraai.

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