Collecting the Alphabet: Liquid Language (fig. 1)

solo exhibition by Kelly Schacht in de Brakke Grond

22 May 2015
12 Jul 2015

Kelly Schacht, winner of the young Belgian Art Price 2011, creates a solo presentation Collecting the Alphabet: Liquid Language (fig. 1) and goes into an ambiguous dialogue with the alphabet.


Courtesy Kelly Schacht en Meessen De Clercq -

Using texts, illustrations and video, she builds up a vocabulary, exploring the basic principles of language as she goes. The exhibition consists mainly of separate elements that make it impossible to adopt a fixed position. This refusal by Schacht to take a position in her work demonstrates the impossibility of making statements with language; an impasse. Nevertheless, Schacht makes an attempt to speak: she dissects language down to its individual letters, then directs the letters of the alphabet as seemingly fully fledged characters; in all of this, she reveals the spaces that arise between these acts of signification. This emptiness is a symbolic meeting space for voiceless speech. Schacht’s work is a visual play on showing and hiding, illusion and reflection. In this exhibition, Schacht goes in search of the V for Voice, her voice.