Anne Baan Hofman

met bruine haren en blonde ogen


taking the picture.. - pfrrtt Anne Baan Hofman

I finished
my internship
at mediamatic on
the 16th of January.
I helped
making the
Bardot Proviant Klub
exhibition and
the Biennale.

Ik houd van kunst
en alles wat daarmee
te organiseren valt.
Basketballen zorgt
voor mijn fysieke
ontlading, schrijven
voor die van mijn hoofd.

I graduated on fine art at AKV/St. Joost in July 2009 with an istallation.
(see pictures below)
I also want to research different 'art places' around the world (Scandinavië, NY and Italy).
To find out in what way cultural differences and art history have their influence on the kind of art they show and how they curate.