Staff newsletter 10 June

Wednesday 10 June

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts


Our new building -


A big leaving party is taking place next Thursday! It will be a party for Kristin and Simeon who already left, as well as for Jimena, Anna, Anya, Thijmen, Candy, Daniel, Xiang, Melissa, Thomas & Juliette. A lot of goodbyes, but let’s drink to it and cheers for their work in the past few months!


Tearful Goodbye - At Paddington station in London 1942


Tomorrow there will be yet another Biotalk. This time, themed Sweat, Odor & Soap, audience will hear about a textile coating that can provide its wearers with information on how much sweat is lost and also give an indication of the substance composition; an installation that recreates a famous person's last few living minutes by using scent and a process that zooms into soap-making, exploring the boundaries between the animate and inanimate. For guestlist and staff entrance, please refer to the email that Rosa sent earlier today.


Exhibition Display of Living Ashes -


Being an occasion to connect young professionals and students in art, fashion and music, Clouds Festival is happening on Friday here at Mediamatic. There will be creative workshops, food, an acoustic set from Lynes, silent disco and so on until 21:00! It is going to be an interesting evening. For more information, you can check out their page here.


Raymond van den Boogaard in NRC wrote a very nice review about Bierberaad last week, titled Who Says Beer, Says Also Urine. If you are interested, you can check out the online version here. It is only in Dutch, but it is incredibly easy to get it translated on Google if you really want to read it.

Have a good week!

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