Ruud All Over Credits

These people supported the Ruud All Over project

Ruud would like to thank: his photographic assistant J.A.N, all the people who posed for his photographs,the stylists and hair & make up artist who collaborated on these works.
In particular
Eva Copper, Severine van Donkelaar, Lidewij Merckx, Mascha Meyer, Taco Stuiver. His agent: House of Orange. His man: Carlo Wijnands. Linda, Link magazine. The Mediamatic Team: Rosalie Bak, Giulia Caperini, Candy Choi, Heleen Emanuel, Brigitte Hillenaar, Rosa Kieft, Liz Kunst, Catherine Lees-Millais, Ruby Lee, Isabelle Leonard, Andy Liu, June Park, Jans Possel, Ralf Reijeneveld, Hayley Smith, Willem Velthoven, Thomas Wang, Juul Willems, Saro van Cleynenbreugel, Vrederick van Muijden, Mirelle van Tulder
The Funds: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Gemeente Amsterdam