Ruud All Over Exhibition

Ruud All Over shows hundreds of Ruud van der Peijl’s photographs infiltrating the city of Amsterdam. By replacing the advertisements at bus and tram stops Ruud's work is shown within the urban landscape.

The exhibition is currently on display at Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6 Amsterdam.

Van der Peijl's multifaceted body of work is unified through his presentation of strong and compelling individuals. His work is about beauty and style, but also addresses issues such as identity, gender and sexuality. He does this by drawing out the nature of his character, allowing him freedom to explore these topics without ever becoming vulgar.

Stylist and photographer Ruud van der Peijl was born in The Hague in 1960. After training in fashion design at the Utrecht School of the Arts he co-founded Gletcher, the first internationally renowned Dutch fashion label, in the late ’80s. Even after retiring from fashion design, Van der Peijl has dedicated himself to contributing actively to the cultural and creative scene of Amsterdam.