Mediamatic Magazine 2#1

September 1987

Halfway through the Documenta, we feel we should make our contribution to the wave of publicity, which already seems to have lost momentum. Therefore we confined ourselves to interesting, specialist information: two interviews with Documenta staff members who were responsible for the video programme. Followed by an article about audio, and a critique of a number of installations.


Front page Mediamatic Magazine VOL 2#1 1987 - Willem Velthoven

Max Bruinsma does not think very highly of Reflections, the Art Video exhibition organized by Con Rumore in Museum Fodor. His special butt is the theoretical supervision by Con Rumore / TBA boss Rob Perrée. Perrée strikes back immediately, so the reader may judge for himself.

Angry as well are media critics! Rein Wolfs and Jouke Kleerebezem. Willem Velthoven's article on Lydia Schouten (MM 1-4 April 1987), in which he permitted himself a few remarks about the ideas of both gentlemen, was not well received at all. Velthoven is given his due in two articles.

Also in this issue: the work of the young Dutch artist Pieter Baan Müller and the production of the Yugoslav Dalibor Martinis Dutch Moves. Both artist also contributed to this issue. The third artist contribution is by Ingo Günther, whose installation for the Documenta is reviewed by Dieter Daniels.