Opening Dijkspark + Icelandic Music and Lampedusa

12 September 15:30 - 24:00

After months of preparations the Dijkspark and Mediamatic Biotoop are finally ready to be opened! On Saturday 12 September we hope to see you there for a day filled with living art, pee installations, tours, drinks, graphic design by Festisvall Fünf, Twijfel Zaaien, the first voyages of Rederij Lampedusa and music by Berndsen, Samaris, M-Band and Good Moon Deer.

Official moment: 16:00 with Janny Rodermond (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie) and Roeland Rengelink (Stadsdeel Centrum). Join us.


Mediamatic Biotoop Dijkspark on a sunny day - Waterside view of Mediamatic Biotoop with the refugee vessel "Meneer Vrijdag" of Rederij Lampedusa mooring in the Dijksgracht Ruby Lee

Visit our website for more details about the program. Or sign up for the facebook event.
To sign up for a trip with Rederij Lampedusa, go here.

The line-up for the music extravaganza by Festisvall Fünf will be as followed:
20:00 // Good Moon Deer
21:00 // Samaris
21:45 // M-Band
23:00 // Benrdsen

This event is part of the Dijkspark - Opening Weekend.
Three days of Zwam, Beer, Ferment, Oog, Aroma, Culture @ Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6 in Amsterdam.

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