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Form follows Organism. Sept 17

This is what happens when a new breed of Bio-Designers starts working with living matter: Emma van der Leest works together with intelligent slime molds to generate Smart Patterns, Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt ferments tea and sugars into new Living Fabrics and our own Myco Brewery team investigates the potential of spent grains as a substrate for new mycelial materials.

Biotalk: Form Follows Organism.
September 17 at Mediamatic Biotoop. Join us.
Snacks at 19:00, Talks at 20:30


Microbial Skin by Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt - This is my microbial skin grower. Inside it lives a micro organism, when you feed it, it creates a microbial cellulose structure. The project is a part of "living art - live art", a collaboration between artscience students and Wetlab Waag Society, Amsterdam 2014.

Coming Up in September / October

Sept. 17 - Biotalk: Form Follows Organism

Speakers: Emma van der Leest, Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt and the Myco Brewery
Tickets: €8,50 (incl. Membership) Students pay only €5,00
Bites at 19:00, Talks start at 20:30

Sept. 24 - Pis'talk: Urine Matters and Materials

Speakers: Kamiel Rongen, Anne Vaandrager, Ruben Verwaal and Michelle Hammerton
Tickets: €8,50 (incl. membership), students pay only €5,00.

Sept. 26 - Workshop: Aquaponics

Learn to build an mini-ponics system with fish and plants
Tickets: €101,50 for artists and freelancers (normal price €145,00)

Oct. 8 - Odorama: Scratch and sniff

Speakers: Peter de Cupere and Caro Verbeek
Tickets: €8,50 (incl. membership) Students pay only €5,00


Last weekend we celebrated the big Dijkspark Opening Weekender!
You can check out the images here.

Mediamatic Biotoop,
Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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