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Urine Matters and Materials. Sept 24

Ever thought about using your own urine as a raw material in art and design? Ruben Verwaal is researching the multifarious utilisations of pee in the history of science, and Kamiel Rongen re-contextualised his own urine in his new video installation Pure Gold, whilst Michelle Hammerton grows tomatoes with urine-based fertilisers. Finally, Anne Vaandrager shows how urine can be a crucial element when tanning leather. Get your tickets here.

Pis' Talk: Urine Matters and Materials.
Sept 24 @ Mediamatic Biotoop. Join us.
Soup from 18:00, Talks at 20:00


Molded leather by Anne Vaandrager - With this Reality Tank project, traditional leather tanning has been approached in a new, innovative and unconventional way. Through the intuitive approach of Anne Vaandrager in combination with ECCO Leather’s expertise, it has been proved that traditional materials can be transformed in a new and experimental context. Droog Design

Coming Up in September / October

Sept. 26 - Workshop: Aquaponics

Learn to build an mini-ponics system with fish and plants
Tickets: €101,50 for artists and freelancers (normal price €145,00)

Oct. 8 - Odorama: Scratch and sniff

Speakers: Peter de Cupere and Caro Verbeek
Tickets: €8,50 (incl. membership) Students pay only €5,00

Oct. 10 - Workshop: Brouw Je Eigen Bier

Learn to brew your own beer
Tickets: €84,00 for students and freelancers (normal price €120,00)

Mediamatic Biotoop,
Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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