Anne van Waveren

Ticketservice and memberships

everything you need to know about the ticketservice during events

This is ticketservice manual about the ticketservice at the Biotoop location.


Setup of the ticketservice for events - This is the ticketsetup for the Pis'Talk of 30-04-2015

Ticketservice manual

This is a manual about the ticketservice at Mediamatic. I will start with explaining some concepts.

Mediamatic Profile
A Mediamatic profile is a profile on the website of Mediamatic. You can make a profile online on the website, or create a profile on a Ikcam or computer. Ikcams are no longer being used by Mediamatic. You have to enter an emailadres, nickname and a picture.

Mediamatic Mailinglist
When you make a profile at Mediamatic or when you sign up for the newsletter, you become part of the mailinglist and you will receive emails from Mediamatic for upcoming events et cetera. You will not have a profile on Mediamatic.

Mediamatic Membership
Mediamatic is a cultural institution. To enter our events and exhibitions you need to have a Mediamatic membership. A membership costs 5 euros and is valid for 9 weeks.
If you visit Mediamatic again within 9 weeks you get a discount of 5 euros on your ticket.
Your Membership can be
-registered online at your profile
-a hardcopy ticket with a date on it.

How to set-up ticketservice

Make sure you have ready on the table:

pin machine + charger!
membership tickets
price list for tickets
mailing list
envelops for guests/staff
iPad with Sweebr on
online sale list
guest list
laptop for We Are Public scanner if that’s the case

At the Door sale you get two different kinds of visitors :


1. ‘ Welcome, an Event ticket + Membership is … euros’

2. Enter their order in Sweebr and let them pay.

People can pay with
- cash (put money in cashdesk)
- pin (enter ‘betaling’, enter the amount of the order, give the pin machine to the customer and let them pay. Give the first receipt to the visitor, put the second receipt in the cash desk)

3. Give them a hardcopy membership ticket + a stamp

4. Explain:

‘You just bought a membership at Mediamatic, this is valid for 9 weeks. You can re-enter events from Mediamatic with a discount of 5 euros.’

5. Ask them in they want to be registered for our newsletter: write down their mail-adress or enter their address in the computer.

public NL members
If people have an WeArePublic pass, scan their pass with the scanner and give them a stamp. Ask if they are interested to sign up for the newsletter.

Note: Public NL visitors don't get a membership!

Online Sale
When people bought tickets online or if they are already a member, send them to the ‘Online Sale/Members’ service.

This is a different part of the ticket sale. When people bought tickets online or if they are already member, they need to come to you.

For the Online Sale ticket service, you need:
- a list with all the Online Sale items

When people bought their tickets online, ask their names and check if they have bought tickets.
If people bought one ticket + membership, you cross their names and you give them a hardcopy membership ticket + a stamp.
If people bought two tickets: there is a problem. You have to check if the second person they are bringing also has a membership. If not: explain to the visitor that they have to buy another membership. You can see an example of a online ticket behind this page.


If people say they are already a member of Mediamatic, you have to check if they have a valid membership. If they do, explain to them that they have to buy an additional ticket. If they don’t: explain to them that the membership is not valid anymore and that they can buy a new membership.

How can I check if people are member of Mediamatic?

You can do this by:
checking their hardcopy membership ticket (check the date!)
check their invoice with the tickets they bought for the event
checking the list of valid members Anne will give to you

Summary helping guests

- find out if they have a ticket
- if so: check the ticket online sale, give them a ticket and stamp
- if not: sell them a ticket: enter in sweebr, pay by pin or cash, give them the ticket and stamp, ask for mailinglist
-if guests: stripe their name on the guestlist, give them a stamp and ask for mailinglist
-if staff: stripe their name on guestlist/write name down. give them a stamp and give them tokens

How to close ticketsale:

- stop the ticketsale after the break
- get the reports out of the pin machine by pressing: 
rapportage -> Z-totalen
- give the pin machine to the bar so that they can use it
- bring all the ticketservice equipment (iPad, money, forms, posters) to the serverroom.
- clear up the space!
- check with the event coordinator that the ticketservice is closed down properly

How to log-in on different items:

Ipad (Sweebr)
1 Go to
2 log in with username ‘ticketservice’ password: ‘1000’ and code: 1000
3 You can start putting in orders right now!
4 Note: bar log-in is ‘2020’ and ‘2020’.

1 Press the little round white button on the left side of the pin machine
2 Wait before the pin machine is completely started
3 Now you can start using the pin machine!

We Are Public
1 Make sure you have a laptop ready
2 Plug in the scanner
3 Go to the next website:
4 Enter the name ‘mediamatic’ and password ‘wearemediamatic’
5 Start scanning!
6 If you have any problems, write down the name of the visitor and let them enter the event.