Singapore Showcase

Private Citizens

9 Oct 2015
10 Oct 2015

Four Singaporean artists will explore the anonymity, private, public and secret spaces of citizens, who experience a progressively changing environment.


Private Citizens - Jacquelyn Soo - Augmented Reality Performance, Eugene Soh Interactive Video Installation, Marc Nair Spoken Word and personalised poems and sound art by Zulkifle Mahmod. Stéphane Blokhuis

Private Citizens is a series of works by four artists from Singapore with different disciplinary backgrounds. The artists will look into what privacy means for individuals experiencing life in cities such as Singapore or Amsterdam.

Inside the city, citizens construct a simulation of themselves, questioning identity against the space, which defines them. Private Citizens explores the fidelity of reality through everyday signifiers, reconstructing the city through art.

The audience will experience their anonymity, public, private and secret life in four different ways: by an interactive installation using video goggles by Eugene Soh and at the same time an augmented reality performance (using a downloadable application only for IPhone) by Jacquelyn Soo, via Spoken word from Marc Nair and finally through an electronic sound art performance by Zulkifle Mahmod.