Snappers, Cars and Camels

Tourist 06 and Tourist 07: Photography and Egypt Salon

11 Feb 2010
11 Feb 2010

A salon with writer Maria Golia (Cairo) and photographer Jan Adriaans (Rotterdam) about photography, Cairo's car-culture and Egypt's visual history.


Picture from Arab Image Foundation Collection - From Arab Image Foundation Collection Mohammed Youssef

Egypt has been photographed literally from the inside out. Every available technique has been used to feed public and scholarly appetites. No country has exerted such a sustained and universal attraction, nor has a nation’s past supplanted its presence in the collective mind’s eye.

In her presentation, “Photography and Egypt” writer and long-time resident of Cairo Maria Golia describes the forces behind photography’s development in the most photographed place on earth, highlighting the camera’s power to conceal as well as reveal.

Photographer Jan Adriaans spent a few months on an artist residency in Cairo, and will share with us his fascination with the city’s overtly present car-culture, and the aesthetics of the installation-like spaces of the garages and car repair workshops. In his photography he tries to show the adoration of shiny car materials.

Moderated by Nat Muller

Information and registration
The Salon starts at 8 pm. Tickets € 3,- (free entrance for Bardot Proviant Klub cardholders). You can click on the RSVP button to make your reservation.
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