Urban Tourist Super Heroes in Space

Tourist 08, 09 and 10 are descending from the heavens

26 Mar 2010
26 Mar 2010

And we want you to participate in this celestial bliss! Now we’ve got your attention, we promise you an evening of varied artist presentations and a party to close with.
Starring Basim Magdy (Cairo/Basel), Maha Maamoun (Cairo), Iman Issa (Cairo/New York) and Tarek Atoui (Lebanon).


Domestic Tourism - one of a Series of lightboxes and prints, by Maha Mamoun 2005. Maha Maamoun

Basim Magdy catapults us in the world of the absurd, sci fi, fictitious civilizations, and breached academic disciplines. He creates a sphere where fiction and reality meet, and where truth becomes a variable. Maha Maamoun’s research practice focuses primarily on the relation between the reductive touristy imagery of Cairo, heroic accounts of the past, and the uneasy tale of a nation struggling under its own historic weight. Iman Issa on the other hand, rethinks notions of space and site-specificity by approaching the fleeting images, moments, and sounds that make up our everyday life as raw materials to be shaped at will.

Finally, our favorite globetrotting electro-acoustic musician Tarek Atoui, who usually challenges our eardrums with deconstructive noise, will on this occasion spin his discs as deejay and get you hopping throughout the night.

Your host for this night is Nat Muller.


Friday 26th of March, 8.30 pm. Mediamatic Bank at the Vijzelstraat 68.
Entrance free. Please RSVP.

There is also a nice pre-event at Felix Meritis on Thursday 25th of March: Grand Café Mediterranée. A program of debates, workshops, informal meetings and performances. About art and culture from the Mediterranean and Arab world.
Check out the day program and the night program.