Alternative Perfumery

Odorama 05 - with Niklaus Mettler, Spyros Drosopoulos and Liza Witte

3 Mar 2016

Whether derived from nature, or chemically constructed, odourant molecules have the ability to profoundly effect our behaviour, emotions and associations. Together with Odorama curator Caro Verbeek we'll explore the world of corporate scents, niche perfumes and other unexpected uses of smell. The talks will be accompanied by fragrant performances. (Foul and fragrant .... Be prepared!)

Food* from 18:00, talks begin at 20:00
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Silhouette - Scented perfume bottles by Lisa Witte, an ephemeral landscape of solid scent. Liza Witte

Niklaus Mettler on communicating with smell

Niklaus Mettler is fascinated in finding methods of communicating the sensual experience of a smell into another media. The descriptive vocabulary which is used for passing on the experience of smells is rarely a self-reliant description; “It smells like...” is the most common term used to communicate the experience of an unusual (new) smell. This revelation motivated him to search for a personal method within his design practices, a method of art direction with the new media of smell. With self-imposed experiments he started researching about the dispersion of a smell, the containing of a perfume and how for example text and image can be used for having a discourse about a fragrance.


Niklaus Mettler - A series of conversations with representatives of different fields in commercial perfumery and olfactory art formed the basis for Lark, a first hypothetical smell-case that refers to Mettler’s daily surrounding. With his project 'Lark', Niklaus Mettler put his memories of Amsterdam in a scent Niklaus Mettler

Dr. Spyros Drosopoulos

Dr. Spyros Drosopoulos is an independent artisan perfumer with a rebellious attitude. All formulas for his brand Bartuti are written by himself en blended by hand in his Labtelier in Amsterdam. Meaning gunpowder in Greek Baruti, when used as an adjective it refers to those with excessive character, bite and a certain edginess. It is the combination of technical challenges and a highly creative process that drew this autodidact towards the process of making his own perfumes. Spyros will start his lecture with a scented performance in which he will present a string of different perfumes accompanied by music.


Still from the video Almoist - A video by Niklaus Mettler Niklaus Mettler


Dr. Spyros Drosopoulos - Dr. Spyros Drospoulos with his brand Baruti, which is a fragrance for the niche market

Liza Witte. Working on the edge of art and cosmetics

The scented perfume bottles by Amsterdam based designer Liza Witte can be viewed as an ephemeral landscape of solid scents. The series of hand sculpted bottles give body to transient perfumes which slowly dissolve into thin air. Being a product designer by profession Witte takes an interesting approach by now solely focussing her practice to the volatile world of olfactory design. Tonight she will discus her project Silhoutte and introduce us to a new body of work in which she is working together with a photographer to capture an ‘image of smell’


Silhoutte Collection by Liza Witte - A Collection of finely handcrafted perfume bottles sculptured in black soap. These finely crafted objects serve as room fragrance and nourishing soap, each subtly revealing its presence as it releases its lush delicate scent or becomes a lavish body wash as it slowly melts away.

With: Liza Witte


Odorama: Alternative Perfumery
Thursday 3 March
Food at 18:00, Talks begin at 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: Pre-sale: €7,50 / Door €10,00 / Students €5,00 (excl. food)

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