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Zuursalon // The Kimchi edition 29 Nov.

Kimchi, kimchee or gimchi. The popularity of this fermented Korean dish is rising. It even conquered space aboard a Russian spaceship! Zuursalon brings an hommage to this spicy cabbage with an afternoon filled with kimchi talks and tastings. With: food technologist Sebastian Hetterschijt (Uit het Vuistje), June Park (from Korea) caterer Alexander Boyce (Ferment), host Leslie Dronkers and plenty of kimchi bites and oysters.

November 29: Zuursalon, the Kimchi edition
Talks begin at 16:00 / Bar is open from 11:00 - 20:00
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Freshly made Kimchi, before the fermentation proces - June Park made the first batch of Kimchie with chinese cabbage as a preparation for the kimchie workshop. Liz Kunst, June Park (KR)

Coming Up

November 26: Pis'Talk, Nature vs. Culture
On practical solutions to incontinence, peeing in the open and urine fermentation. With: Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Henriëtte Waal, Sam van Veluw and Lou Buche.
Tickets €8,50 (students €5,00)

November 30: Kunstformen der Natur 2015
The Kunstformen der Natur exhibition is back at an exciting new location in Nijmegen, in collaboration with Radboudumc. See Ernst Haeckel’s 'view of the world’ in blown-up sizes.

December 10: Odorama, a vocabulary of fragrance
Why is it so hard to describe a smell in words? And how can you find your own personal perfume? Odorama explores all that reaches and effects the nose.
Tickets €8,50 (students €5,00)

December 11: Playing life - Biotalk
Collaboration between Transnatural and Mediamatic where we'll explore to the (un)natural use of bacteria as material for 2D and 3D 'printing'. With: Joost Dankelman, Teresa van Dongen, Dominik Schmieden, Agi Haines and Tamara Hoogeweegen.
Tickets €8,50 (students €5,00)

Mediamatic Biotoop,
Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam
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