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Odorama // A vocabulary of fragrance

Why is it so hard to describe a smell in words? How can you find your own perfect personal perfume? In the upcoming Odorama we will investigate the Vocabulary of Fragrances with perfume expert Sofie Albrecht, PhD linguist Ilya Croijman and Odorama curator Caro Verbeek. Together we'll try to answer the question how experts are able to name and identify odours, and what makes them different from novices regarding olfactory language.

December 10: Odorama: A vocabulary of fragrance
Drinks and food from 18:00, talks at 20:00.
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Perfume - Odorama The relation between language and fragrances is a topic in the third Odorama edition. Why is it so hard to describe smells in words?

Coming Up

December 11: // Playing life - Biotalk
Collaboration between Transnatural and Mediamatic where we will explore the (un)natural use of bacteria as material for 2D and 3D 'printing'. With: Joost Dankelman, Teresa van Dongen, Dominik Schmieden, Agi Haines and Tamara Hoogeweegen.
Tickets €8,50 (students €5,00)

December 17: // Exchange ideas with Zeger Reyers
Discuss your work, ideas and obstacles with the artist.
Consultation by appointment

January 28: // Sex and the Pee
Pis'Talk 5: exploring the curious world of Golden Showers and other sexual practices related with pee.
Tickets €8,50 (students €5,00)

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