Staff newsletter 09/12

What's going on?

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, to share important information and fun facts.


Piet (r) with a good catch - Thijmen

What's happening this week?

We will have two events; on Thursday Odorama and on Friday we have the Biotalk. These are going to be the last talks of December. It would be great if you can invite all your friends for the events on Facebook! If you want to put someone on the guestlist you can send an email to Rosa. (

Links to fb events:


Staff, Welcomes and Goodbye's

There were supposed to be goodbye drinks this Tuesday but we moved it to January, just so you know. We will let you know when and who!


We have two more events this month; Exchange ideas with Zeger Reyers and a Aperitivo & NYE Party.


We are changing to a new ticketing and planning system called Stager. You received an invite to activate your account, please do so! We will use Stager for the bar and event shift planning. Questions about Stager? Ask Rosalie.

Household Messages

We have a brand new heating system in the greenhouse. Everybody will get a workshop upcoming weeks. If you don't know how it works yet, please don't touch it! You will hurt yourself or even worse the brand new rocket stove!

Please notice we start every day at 9.30! Try to be in time. Especially for the Wednesday Morning Meeting, this is when important announcements are made and we expect you to be there. If you missed it ask your colleagues what has been discussed.

Lost & Found

June lost her black Moleskine notebook and she really really want to have it back. So if you find it, let her know!


If you feel like contributing something to the weekly newsletter, contact Liz or Rosalie!