Nosing Gin and Liqueurs

Odorama 08 - with Fenny van Wees

9 Jun 2016

We know the process of distilling for making alcoholic drinks such as spirits, brandy and whisky. But distilling is also the process that you use for making perfumes. For this edition of Odorama we invited Amsterdam distiller: Fenny van Wees from A. van Wees, De Ooievaar. Fenny calls herself a collector of scents and uses the process of fine-distilling to capture the essence (spirit) of herbs and fruits.

This program is curated by Caro Verbeek.
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Odorama 8: Nosing Gin and Liqueurs - Experiencing distilled drinks by nose Lisanne Groenewoud


Fenny van Wees will give a very personal and in depth insight into the art and process of distilling. She will explain the differences between burning and distilling, and introduce us to the production process of Gin and liqueurs like YUZU, while provoking our sense of smell with plenty of different distillates. Expect jenever, gin and distilled liqueur nosing (with perhaps a little taste).

Fenny recently gave an interview about her craftsmanship. (Dutch)


Odorama 8 Smelling drinks - Handing out distilled beverage made by 'De Ooievaar', to smell Lisanne Groenewoud


Odorama 8 Caro Verbeek - Caro Verbeek smelling 'liqueur perfume' Lisanne Groenewoud

With: Caro Verbeek

Fenny van Wees - A. van Wees Distilleerderij De Ooievaar

The family distillery Van Wees is a company where the art of distilling has been passed on from generation to generation. Even today Fenny still uses the old kettles. While distilling she uses all the senses, but smelling is a very important one. She creates liquors as a perfumer, using very exclusive ingredients such as myrrh.


Fenny van Wees - Fenny van Wees from distillery 'De Ooievaar' Lisanne Groenewoud


Odorama 8
Thursday June 9th
Drinks and food from 18:00, talks at 20:30*
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