Staff newsletter 16/12

What's going on?

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, to share important information and fun facts.


Mediamatic crew - Group picture of part of the Mediamatic crew in the greenhouse. Liz Kunst


BYO Lunch

We will NOT serve lunch for two weeks starting this Monday, so we can give our sweet Billy a break.


We are changing to a new ticketing and planning system called Stager. You received an invite to activate your account, please do so! We will use Stager for the bar and event shift planning. Please note: Check your stager account WEEKLY trough following link:
Questions about Stager? Ask Rosalie.

Kunstformen for sale

Kunstformen der Natur Posters (€25,00 for employees) and T-shirts (employees get one for free) available. For the posters; choose one here, and after you can send an email to Lisa with the plate number.
If you don't have a T-shirt yet please ask Catherine today because she will be leaving tomorrow and your next chance to get one is not until January.


Colleagues posing in our brand new Female Kunstformen T-shirts. - Beautiful T-shirt depicting one of Haeckel's mushroom form in nature. Liz Kunst, Ernst Haeckel (DE)

Household Messages

Please keep in mind that it is best to start your fires small. If you feel uncertain about how-to-best-light-the-oven, please ask your colleagues.
Light the fire as followed:
Stack 3 woodblocks next to each other in the oven (bark down!)
Then add 3 woodblocks on top in the other direction (bark down!)
Finish with 2 more (bark down). Again the the opposite direction.
And top it of with a little bit of small wood chips and a lit ‘aanmaakblokje’

We have a brand new heating system in the greenhouse. Everybody will get a workshop upcoming weeks. If you don't know how it works yet, please don't touch it! You will hurt yourself or even worse the brand new rocket stove!

Have a wonderful week, Christmas and New Years Eve!

If you feel like contributing something to the weekly newsletter, contact Liz or Rosalie!