July 11 is not a statutory occasion

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One week from now commends the Flemish Community July 11. Yet that is not a legitimate occasion. This implies you don't consequently get one day away from work. Just if the business is willing to permit, one ought to stay at home that day.
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Belgium has ten lawful occasions. These are New Year (January 1), Easter Monday, Labor Day (May 1), Ascension, Whit Monday, the National Day (July 21), Assumption (August 15), All Saints Day (November first), Armistice Day (November eleventh ) and Christmas (December 25). In a few areas, or for a few gatherings of specialists this Christmas season can be supplanted by other information. For example, numerous metalworkers the banquet day of their benefactor St. Eloi (December 1) in return for November eleventh. Does the occasion on a Sunday, then businesses and representatives must delegate a Change Day. Which will then once the status of lawful occasion. Thusly, the yearly number of ten statutory occasions is ensured. On open occasions can not on a basic level be worked by laborers and representatives, aside from in organizations that customarily likewise chipping away at Sunday. Who needs to work, are qualified for remuneration. The day, on the other hand, must paid by the business. The provincial Flemish occasion is excluded in the rundown of lawful occasions. That does not matter when the occasions of the other two groups.
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The Feast of the French Community will happen on September 27 that the German-speaking Community on 15 November. Yet bosses are allowed on these local occasions concede a day away from work. They do that all alone activity or in light of the fact that it has been concurred in a joint board of trustees or chamber. (Reuters)