Alternatives to Facebook Messenger for desktop

Facebook has discontinued support because of its Messenger for Windows Desktop client for Facebook Chat.

Facebook has discontinued support because of its Messenger for Windows Desktop client for Facebook Chat. The move follows unexpected announcement a couple weeks ago and will imply that Facebook not offers a desktop instant messaging client of that own. Users can, however, still use third-party applications for connecting to from other desktops. Gizmag analyses a selection of instant messaging options that can be used to attach to Facebook Chat through the desktop, many of which are recommended by Facebook itself.

Access to Facebook Chat on the desktop is helpful for people who need to be contactable via Facebook Chat, but try not to want to have to hold Facebook open within a browser tab. Instant messaging clients offers this functionality by running in private and being "always on," but remaining unobtrusive.

Skype is without a doubt the most renowned instant messaging client on the alternatives to Facebook Messenger listed here, and plenty of people will already be using it because of its own VOIP telephony, video call and IM functionality. Users simply need for connecting their Facebook account to Skype from the inside the client and Facebook contacts will be, willing to chat to being a normal Skype contact.

Skype also allows users to watch their news feeds rolling around in its home screen, make comments increase their statuses. Those who use Skype for business, however, may want to maintain their Facebook dealings separate, so another IM client could be preferable.

Digsby is the one other service that can offer more than just instant messaging functionality. Users are needed to download your client and enroll in a Digsby account, even so the set up process is fairly quick. In addition to Facebook, users will add a range of accounts, including Windows Live, Yahoo, AOL and MySpace, that gives it rather of your outdated feel. Thankfully, Google Twitter and Linkedin accounts will also be added.

The client itself is includes a clean and smartly designed interface, even though it does show advertising in the chat windows. Users can chin-up a window showing their Facebook news feed and unobtrusive notifications turn up each time a new update is produced by a and friend. All of this can, naturally, be tweaked from the preferences menu to meet up with the user's needs.

For users who aren't so interested in the features that Skype and Digsby offer, Pidgin might be just the ticket. It's a stripped back client that simply provides users with simple instant messaging features. Users don't need to create your free account with Pidgin, they merely have to download the application form and add their Facebook account details.

It needs to be said that this might be easier said than done, particularly for non-tech types. The process for adding a merchant account isn't especially intuitive and Pidgin doesn't visit lengths to spell out the process. can give some clearer instructions at its Chat info page, however, that should help enable you to get up and running.Trillian's design feels a little like the most beneficial parts in the old MSN Messenger. It's clean, clear and straightforward to use. This is a pleasant surprise, because, although the build process isn't complicated, this doesn't happen show some of this slick design. The service is also ad-supported, although I didn't' go to whichever while I was experimenting with it.

Users are necessary to sign up for a Trillian account before adding each on the social accounts they wish to monitor access via the buyer. Notifications are comprehensive, but could be set to satisfy the user's needs from the inside the preferences menu.

Trillian (Windows / Mac / Linux)

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