Staff newsletter 31/12

What's going on?

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, to share important information and fun facts.


The kitchen and the view in one picture - Thorwald's 30 tastes The post natal Edition at mediamatic Arthur de Smidt


Thursday 31 and Friday 1, our cook thorwald serves his delicious 30 tastes dinner again. You can join for only 30 euro instead of 65! You can also bring 1 additional person for the same price. Please let Anoek Craanen know that you are coming and let her know that you are a member of the staff.

Don't forget to attend on Facebook and confirm your reservation via
Anouk Craanen +31 6 44 13 73 00.


Our very own June Park will give another Kimchi workshop the 9th of January and it is already almost sold out. She is going to teach her grandmother recipe again.

BYO Lunch

Bring your own Lunch until the 4th of January. On the 4th Billy will be back and will start cooking lunch for us again.


We are changing to a new ticketing and planning system called Stager. You received an invite to activate your account, please do so! We will use Stager for the bar and event shift planning. Please note: Check your stager account WEEKLY trough following link:
Questions about Stager? Ask Rosalie.

Household Messages

Please keep in mind that if you are not coming into the office (whatever the reason is: Ill, late or a day off) to write it in the google calendar and also send an email to

We have a brand new heating system in the greenhouse. Everybody will get a workshop upcoming weeks. If you don't know how it works yet, please don't touch it! You will hurt yourself or even worse the brand new rocket stove!

Goodbye drinks

We are going to say goodbye to Mirelle, Brigitte, Sara, Georgina, Sun, Marjan, Anouar, Ferinho, June, Karly and Thijmen on the 27th of January. Be there!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve!

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