Coming Up in January

Beer, Bowie, Human Tissue Engineering, Piss and Aquaponics.

Let's start the new year fresh! Come make your own craft beer, build an aquaponics system and learn all there is to know about human tissue engineering, mycelium and peeing on trains. Starting a new art project yourself? Artist Zeger Reyers is available for some (un)wanted advice.

Psss... tonight we will say farewell to Bowie... Join us.


David Bowie -

Coming Up

January 14: Exchange ideas with Zeger Reyers
Discuss your work, ideas and obstacles with the artist.
Consultation by appointment


Zeger Reyers Rotating Kitchen - Zeger Reyers

With: Zeger Reyers

January 16: Brew your own beer
In this workshop you will learn everything about fermentation, making flavours and the brewing process of beer. Plus you will taste some of the more radical beers around.
Costs: €84,- for freelancers and artist.


Stout beer brewing transfer - The grains and wort got too big for the pot so we transferred it to a larger one. Mid-way through the cooking phase.

January 20: Biotalk
Will the future workspace of designers transform from a studio into a laboratory? More and more designers are starting to work with materials such as living organisms or the human body. Find out more about human tissue engineering with Hongjie Yang and the mycelial design by Caroline de Roy.


Human Tissue Vase by Hongjie Yang - On display at MU Gallery exhibition 'Body of Matter', photo by van Abbemuseum

With: Hongjie Yang

January 23: Learn how to build Aquaponics
In this workshop you will learn how to build a miniponics system: a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish.
Costs: €101,50 for freelancers, students and artists


Aquaponics workshop - The aquaponics workshop on 26th of September Liz Kunst

January 28: Odi et amo: on pee, trains and beer
Peeing in the train or at festivals… it is disliked by many but necessary for all. How come these toilet-experience are so unattractive? And what design solutions can be made to improve mobile urination for both man, woman and children?


Plastap: Think different about pee - Change your urine for a beer! Plastap

With: Plastap

Whats' on at Mediamatic Biotoop
Mediamatic's Biotoop is a breeding ground for art, design and life sciences. Here you will find a restaurant, waterside terrace, co-working spaces and the works of artists Jasmin Moeller, Masha Ru, Ruud van der Peijl, Kamiel Rongen, Teun Castelein and Zeger Reyers.
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Enjoy a drink by the beautiful waterfront - Brigitte Hillenaar

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