Stacy Green

How to Be Rich?

Too many people dream of being rich. Being independent in financial field, person can dream a lot and these dreams can come true and make the person really successful.


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To achieve this for average person can be difficult, but my colleguaes from want to mention the tips of rich people of the world. They are rich, and they did everything by their own to be successful and independent now.
Everyone wants to get millions and nothing to do for this. And these people are just lazy, nothing more, because everyone has the same opportunities as other ones. Why do some people use them? And even when you have a job, it is not a guarantee that you will work here till the end of the life. Bu these rules of rich people will let you know how to be to become rich!
• Start to manage your money right. Don’t waste money for unneeded aims. The secret of being rich is simple – you should divide your money into some groups. They are for needs, for education, for developing the business.
• Look at your appearance. Haircut, clothes and shoes should always be ideal. Spend a lot of money for it. Tip is that good image not only makes the person more attractive, but also gives an imagination of this concrete person.
• You should develop all directions of the life. Think not only about money, but also about your health, love, family. Don’t forget about vacation.
• The nest rule of rich people is to think positively, but not to forget about the difficulties. That’s why you should also speak too much with optimistic and successful people.
• Person should be decidable and brave. I mean that you need to do everything quickly, but think what will be in result.
• Try to find a tutor for yourself, who is best in this field of business. For example, you can speak with someone, or to read a literature about the person, who was famous for the best methodologies. You should take into account the actions of this person, because everything repeats and you can act like he/she did. It is better to follow the tips of rich people, than to do as you want.
• Have a notebook, in which you will write about every successful moment.
• Try to finish all the affairs which you have started before.

About the Author: Stacy Green is a freelance writer at from Chicago. Stacy works as an editor and writer in a local newspaper. But now she pays more and more attention to her own online project.