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Operating Instructions for the Innokin T18 eCig Starter Kit.

Obviously to get started off you will need to fill the Endura T18 tank up with your favourite e-juice.

This is quickly completed by way of twisting off the cap and filling with your e-liquid in direction of the coil.

Right after filling the tank with your e-liquid you need to go away and leave the juice within the tank for close to 5 minutes. This enables the juice to soak into the coil well which is termed as priming the coil.

Doing this will broaden the lifespan of your coil and eradicating the possibility of a burnt strike. Put your finger on the electrical power button, clicking 5 times will power the Endura battery on or off.

Replacing the coils on the Innokin Endura T18.

Replacing the coil is as straightforward as can be with by sliding the aged coil out towards the foundation of the tank with a single twist. It all will take just a few seconds because of the no spill coil change method. Innokin are experts within this area and especially with this tank.

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Moreover you won't want to drain your tank of e-juice when swapping coils and can be swapped with juice still contained within the tank. Battery recharging is done via the micro USB slot located at the foundation of the Endura T18 and is covered by a simple cap. All you need to do is plug the micro USB cable into it and it will recharge.

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Filling the Innokin Endura T18 with e-liquid - Swytch Vaping