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Too Expensive To Apply To A College? Learn How To Make A Free Application

To Apply To A College?

Application fees to vary between USD 30 and USD 100, it can turn out costly enough to apply to several US colleges at a time. But there are universities that allow for free application opportunities provided that certain requirements are met.


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Online application
Quite a few US universities like Juniata College, Upper Iowa University, Drake University, Mercyhurst College, Millikin University, Kettering University, York College of Pennsylvania require no fees for applying online. The respective notifications are usually available on the official university websites, so your task is to be attentive to the website content.

Financial difficulties
Such colleges as Johns Hopkins University, Dartmouth College or University of Colorado, to name a few, report they are ready to cancel the application fee for the students suffering financial difficulties provided that those are proved. Such proofs allow the students to address the College Board and ask for a zero application fee. This is usually enough for the college to cancel the fee. Also, high schools are an excellent tool to get a free college application: your high school mentor may sign a financial difficulty proof for you, which is a sufficient instrument for the university to cancel your fee.

Close relationship
Some universities encourage the family or friends of their graduates to apply for free. In certain cases, even your parent`s being a student of the college under application allows you to apply for free – you should find this out on the college website or by contacting the application board. This practice is explained by such colleges as a sort of dynasty, which is always beneficial to the college reputation. So, poll your family about their universities – perhaps, there is something about them you will find to your liking.

Preliminary talks
A wonderful option for those graded high at a high school. It`s not a secret that colleges hunt for talents, and your excellent high school certificate can serve a kind of blackmail: they will be seeking for you to enroll, meanwhile you ask them for a free application. In fact, a big share of the students applied for free is made of the very applicants with high grades.

Yet another precious recommendation is to look for the colleges, which initially provide for free application under no additional conditions. There are quite a number of them across USA, their list continuously extended. You are advised to learn all the respective opportunities on the college websites.

About the author: Ruben J. Kirby, a graduate at the Stanford University (USA) pursuing his degree in Mass Media and Social Communications, makes short publications about studentship opportunities around USA. Ruben is an expert analyst to be, with the areas like public relations and marketing and In free time, Ruben likes horse riding and yoga sessions.