Lydia Howson

Why brand of the British royal family is successful?

Have you ever seen the souvenirs with the image of the King of Saudi Arabia, or Thailand?


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In fact, this is even hard to imagine. At the same time, the British monarch is not only a symbol of British tradition, but every year it brings the country income of $ 1.5 billion dollars!

Probably everyone knows about the British Queen Elizabeth II. However, in 2012 her image surely was boring for many people. After all, in 2012 the whole of England celebrated the "Diamond Jubilee" - 60 years of Queen Elizabeth on the throne.

Windows of all the shops on the street Kensington were decorated with the image of the monarch, framed and decorated with gold ornaments. Their price tag has a 50% discount. Nearby, at Piccadilly Circus, you can buy all the souvenir and photos from different periods of the life of the queen. They were engraved, embroidered or applied on the towels, cups, magnets and other trinkets.
In 2011, millions of viewers from 180 countries watched the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The following year, during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, 900 million people from around the world watched as Elizabeth II plays with Daniel Craig as James Bond. Today, the media all over the world tracks every step of the royal family, as the good and the bad.

It follows that the brand of the British royal family belongs not only to Britain. After all, during the twentieth century, the whole world watched the critical reduction in the number of royals and Queen Elizabeth II. Her family continues to attract the world's attention.
In the UK, people have historically liked to watch the royal family. A similar phenomenon has been the name of "royal-watching". Due to the rapid development of mass media in the 19th century, people learned news about the life of the royal family from public announcements. Until recently, many of the rituals of the royal family were considered as private things, and sometimes even secret affairs of state. They were not intended for cultural enrichment of the public. When more and more people began to live in London or its environs, the number of those present people at coronations, funerals and celebrations of victory day has increased dramatically.

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